Tuesday, May 31, 2011

40 Songs, 40 Days(2011 Edition), Day Three: Bone Broke by The White Stripes

Hey, it's one of Jack Black's, like, fifty eight bands...some people turn on the television or buy a magazine when they get bored--Jack Black starts a band.

And while I like the really crunchy guitar riffs and the pounding drums of the melody...I can't get the nagging feeling out of my mind that this is another one of Jack's songs where he's figuring out new, more perverse ways of talking about sex without actually saying, 'hey, let's fuck.' He's done this before--hell, my favorite White Stripes song boils down to 'I am waiting here pushing you for sex in hopes that you'll give in.' I don't know if lyrically this one works as well as 'My Doorbell,' because it seems to suffer from a form of ADD--in one moment, Jack is telling the object of his affection that she should look at how long he's been running his penis....then he's talking about liquor stores and how her mom's put money into platinum. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he's telling the woman he's singing to that his parents paid for him to have sex with her (and he was cool with it because, you know, he's 'bone broke')

What it comes down to is a problem I sometimes have with The Stripes--namely that while their musicianship is without question, nasty and down and dirty....their songs can quite frankly be hit and miss, disjointed and going down creative dead ends that White's passionate singing and the overall instrumental competence manages to conceal.

(Oddly enough, this is a problem I have with what most people deem 'pop' music--save that people like (Am I A) Lady Gaga don't even have the competence musically and have to rely on their producers to hide their lack of creativity, originality or flair).

So...it's not a terrible song. It just doesn't live up to the obvious skills this pair has.

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