Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2010 Edition), Day Five: Happy by Insane Ian

This is one of the songs that came from the irregular 'Master of Song-Fu' contest that was run on Kevin Smith's old site, QuickStop Entertainment. These contests took a number of up-and-coming musicians (mixed with some internet faves like Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm), gave them a subject and challenged them to write a song about it.

It's....okay. As someone who followed all six of these competitions, I can safely say there is some real gold in the mix, and also some crap....this is neither. The Baltimore based comedian's paen to ignorance being bliss doesn't really show any creativity--hell, it even ends with a joke stolen from Tom T-Bone Stankus' excellent novelty song, "Existential Blues."

I did make a trip to his website to see if I can glean more about his musical stylings. A quick scan of his web site makes it clear that he's something of a Weird Al manque, producing such novelty numbers as a Beatles parody about House, a Ke$ha parody about the old school video game DigDug and other,similar easy jabs at pop culture. Nothing really made me want to investigate further.

Damn....that's two songs out of five that have been disappointing so far. I fear this year's cycle of 30 Songs, 30 Days may be a rougher ride than I thought....

No video for this one...but here's Ian performing the above-mentioned House parody prepared to be unimpressed.

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