Friday, May 27, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2010 Edition), Day Nineteen: Change by Young Veins

And up today...the Echo Park, California garage rock throwback The Young Veins, a band that features two former members of Panic! At The Disco and sound nothing like that band.

Now don't get me wrong--I rather liked Panic! At The Disco's rather dramatic emo-core pretentions, which had strange resonances with previous 30S30Ds subject Harvey Danger. But this newer band...I might actually like them better. For one thing, the vocalist has a better tone--poppier, nowhere near as dramatic and over the top as P!@TD. The song itself does seem to mine the same territory conceptually, as it's a portrait of the singer's romantic feelings--or is it just attraction--to a woman who used to trade on her looks and now has become a tragic figure, begging for change outside the grocery store. And the singer is regretful about how the relationship has shaken out...but in what way is left ambivalent.

More importantly, Young Veins have managed to capture that garage feel while also feeling modern. This band does not come off as play-acting like Panic! always did...they seem genuine in their recreation of that esthetic, and equally genuine in their desire to bring garage rock sound into the modern era. I look forward to seeing what else they might have up their sleeve.

Here is the video for the song which, not surprisingly, continues to carry on their desire to recreate the feel of a certain genre while also bringing it forward into the 00's....

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