Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2010 Edition), Day Eight: Iron Man by Adam WarRock

Okay, another musician from the intrawebs, Adam WarRock is prolly getting the most attention by being lumped into the category of 'Geekcore,' that spin-off of hip hop headed up by people like MC Chris who do rap songs about subjects of interest to geekdom--hell, this song is from WarRock's West Coast Avengers mixtape.

And I'll be the first to admit that the reason I downloaded this mixtape was because of my geek tendencies--especially since I write a fanfiction series about the West Coast Avengers over at Altered Visions. But, just as I thought yesterday's Hugo was inaccurately categorized, I think Adam WarRock is a much different artist from people like MC Chris, or MC Frontalot, or others of their ilk. Listen to this whole mixtape, and you'll see that Adam uses the characters not as subject, but as inspiration. Thus, the song about The Living Lightning becomes a defiant show of solidarity for gay civil rights; the song about USAgent is about the American tradition of standing up for your fellow man; and the song about the Scarlet Witch is actually a sweet love ballad that just happens to have some mutant references in it. Adam's thoughts and concerns are cast a lot wider than other Geekcore artists (and I think he knows it, judging from the way he clearly tells visitors to his blog that his geekcore content is only a third of his output), and it's strong, strong stuff.

This particular song is a classic shout out, the kind of opening track that rappers use on an album to stoke the listener up. It's got a relentless beat, Adam's vocals are fierce and hard...and it's one of a number of great listens on this mixtape. I strongly recommend this artist, this song, and this mixtape. Sure, it's geekcore...but there's so much more to this artist than dropping comic book heroes names.

This is a recording of a medley of Adam's song on the WCA mixtape.  Enjoy.

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