Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days, Day Two: Suspicious Miracles by LeeDM101

Okay, a confession to make: I love mash-ups.

Alright, maybe not every mash-up; many of them, quite frankly, are relatively pedestrian in their constructions...but sometimes, like those thoroughly insane DJ Earworm 'United States of Pop' annual productions, they end up being rather cool commentaries, making connections between songs you might not otherwise get. That's what makes the mash-up a legitimate musical genre. When done correctly, both elements (or more than two--the aforementioned 'United States of Pop' mash-ups contain elements from every single song that hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts for each year) are transformed by their proximity to each other, changing them into something strange and unique....

So what we have here is a mash-up from British DJ LeeDM101. It's one of the many, many tracks available as part of his three disc set Medicine Eyes: Works 2006-2008. Not surprisingly, the a capella elements in this mash-up is Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds." The dub element is from "Tosca's Miracle," by German dance project Fragma...and it's a smooth meshing.

And here's what I was saying about the best of these making connections--by imposing Elvis' twang on this swirling, soaring electronic muck, LeeDM101 shows us how there are some people like Elvis who would have been a success no matter what the genre he would have worked in. Elvis seems perfectly at home here, in the middle of a song released some decades since his death.

You can find this, and many other mash-ups by LeeDM101 by visiting his audio blog...and here's the official video. Just a heads up,'s pretty monotonous....

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