Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days, Day Twelve: Places by Fountains of Wayne

Ahhhh....another song by a band I really like. One of my all-time favorite bands, in fact.

This is a very short one by a band that is perhaps best known for its uncanny Cars tribute, "Stacy's Mom." The thing many people don't realize is how lead singer/songwriter Adam Schlessinger has this amazing talent for writing sweet, tiny little songs that are gentle little landscapes...and this is one of them, a paen to watching the world go by in Camden, New Jersey during the fall and realizing how transitory your life is...

And only someone of Adam's talents could turn the lyrical orientation of this song from 'isn't this a nice place to be?' to 'wow, maybe what we're joking about now will become immortalized on our tombstones' without once breaking the wistful, atmospheric melody. This is the sort of tension that I just adore--a tension between the way the music feels and what it's actually saying that very few bands can get right. The Jam got it right, The Connells got it right in spades...and so do FOW when they want to. This, "Fire In The Canyon," "Mountain Valley Song," "Barbara H.," "Fire Island"....all exhibit that sort of sounding good/being bad structure.

Here's the song playing over a static picture of the flag (its the only video of the song I can find)....

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