Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2009 Edition), Day Twenty Five: Hair Like Alain Delon by White Town

You remember White Town, don't you? You most likely do, even if you don't know it; this Indian born English DJ was responsible for the compellingly weird single "Your Woman." This is one of his other songs...and its pretty damn good. It comes from that strange 'hero worship' sub-category; English pop at one point was littered with them, as the singer either wishes to be one of his heroes or looks to that self-same hero for some sort of advice. The most extreme example of this is Bananarama's "Robert deNiro's Watching," which I took for a piece of fluff....until one of the members of the band revealed in an interview that the POV character was a rape victim who only felt comfortable retreating into a fantasy world where her hero protects her.

This is nowhere near as dark, being a straight-on paen to French actor Alain Delon. Delon was an icon of the New Wave, a dark-haired man with a startling gaze. I recently got a chance to watch what is considered his greatest film, the 1967 noir caper Le Samourai and let me tell you, the man had charisma in spades. I don't doubt that Jyoti Prakash Mishra worshipped at Delon's altar, wishing he could have the suaveness and presence of this man.

To my surprise, Mishra is still performing and recording as White Town even now.

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