Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2009 Edition), Day Nineteen: I Believe by Abra Moore

(It seems, looking back at these things while reposting them, that I produced two Day Nineteens in the 2009 Edition...which makes me feel a little better about how the 2010 Edition got truncated.  I decided not to correct the mistake for versimilitude's enjoy!)

It seems that this week is The Week Of Shoulda Coulda Been Bigger...for here we have Abra Moore.

Abra Moore's second album, Strangest Places was one of the seemingly dozens of review albums I received through the mail when I was a music journalist, so I didn't have much hope for it. But upon listening to it straight through, I thought the record label had something here in this ethereal blonde girl with the country twang in her voice--a twang she got legitimately, being an Austin, Texas native. And it seems that at least part of the country agreed with me, as the first single from that album, "Four Leaf Clover," was a mainstay of VH1 for a short while and became something of a hit in the midwest.

This song is from her most recent album, On The Way, and I think it's indicative of why I was charmed by her--the lush production manages to be full without drowning out her true strength, her voice. At turns coy and sad, but always with a hint of a smile, Abra's voice has an undeniable delicateness that works for the variety of songs she writes.

I don't have a video of the song we're discussing here, but here's a live performance of the aforementioned "Four Leaf Clover"....

I don't know why Abra Moore's success seems confined to the Midwest (although I do wonder if her wistfulness--it wasn't a surprise to me that she was a member of the Hawaiian collective Poi Dog Pondering prior to her solo career--in the age of the pop tart doesn't restrain her potential). I know that she's one of these artist who seems to have perpetual label troubles--her last three albums have been on three different labels, after all. But it's a shame that more people don't know her and appreciate her work.

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