Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2009 Edition), Day Two: Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye by Archie Hahn and the Juicy Fruits

Wow...did not expect this one to pop up.

This is a number from the Brian dePalma rock opera The Phantom of Paradise, made when dePalma was still interested in making movies and not clip shows. While Archie Hahn is listed as lead vocalist, he--along with Jeffrey Comanor and Peter Elbing--played all three of the rock bands who weaved in and out of DePalma's Faust reworking. According to imdb, the part was originally offered to Sha Na Na, but there were...artistic differences.

As for the song's a rather clever reworking of one of rock and roll's most peculiar traditions, the romantic tragedy song, into an actual epitaph. I never understood the appeal of songs about people dying for love, but I remember how Craig Shaw Gardner one year at NeCon played a long medley of all of these songs that reached the top ten during the 50's and 60's....

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