Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Songs, 30 Days (2009 Edition), Day Fifteen: She's Losing It by Belle and Sebastian

You know, given the reputation Belle and Sebastian has for being 'Sad Bastard Music,' I'm always struck by how so many of their songs have a determinedly cheerful this portrait of two women who, rather than falling into the malaise of everyday madness with boys that'll mistreat them, find solace in each other. There's a decidedly upbeat melody here not out of place in a 60's Brit-pop number and an ending that may be unconventional, but is certainly happy.

Okay, so I don't have a lot to say about this's a live performance from 2006....
...and because I'm a geek, here's a Doctor Who fanvid for the song....

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  1. Love this post. I guess I consider them less sad than "cheerful with complications." I like your description.

    - James