Friday, June 10, 2011

40 Songs, 40 Days (2011 Edition), Day Ten: Shadowless Heart by Dramarama

And we're back to John Easdale, and a song from their last album as an actual band, Hi-Fi Sci-Fi.

Hi-Fi Sci-Fi was released in 1993, and was really well-received; its sole single, the whistful 'Work For Food' got some play on MTV, and it was the only album that featured Blondie drumer Clem Burke as a full on member of the band.. It's arguably Dramarama's most mature album, dealing head on with Easdale's growing increasing feelings about growing older and the way his priorities have changed--a key song 'Don't Feel Like Doing Drugs' is an interior monologue about aging without grace that's right up there with The Pursuit of Happiness' "I'm An Adult Now" as an anthem for those have to acknowledge it's time to grow up.

There's a similar theme going through 'Shadowless Heart,' as Easdale seems to be asking us to confront the sins of our past, sins that interfere with our present day interactions. These things are anthropomorhized by Easdale's lyrics as strange figures--ghosts, clairvoyants, squids--holding out the tools of our ordinary days, waiting to be acknowledged...and only when we do confront them will we be clear of the darkness inside us. These words are accompanied by what was a signature of Dramarama in its heyday--dark, ominous guitar playing that seems to imply that the worst is still to come in our ordeal, that our road to being cleansed will not be easy.

(Oddly enough, I tried to find a lyrics sheet for this online to cite specific instances...but nothing...huh...)

Shortly after this album was released, Chameleon was dissolved into then-parent company Elektra, and Dramarama was disbanded until Easdale reactivated the band name in 2003. I still miss this incarnation, but look forward to more work from Easdale and company; there's supposedly a new album forthcoming this year.

No video for this--but here's a fan made...shudder...AMV (VGMV?) utilizing footage from Final Fantasy games.....

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