Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Is Your Song For....February 8th, 2014: Speakeasy by The Hollow Threads

This woman's voice is as beautiful as she is.
Welcome back.  Today...a beautiful voice and some weird music.

I know almost nothing about who The Hollow Threads are.  Their website only mentions that they are from Pasadena, California and they have an album available for whatever you want to pay on Bandcamp, and....they are odd.  Part ambient, part dreampop, the song features three actual lines of lyrics which seems to have nothing to do with the title of the song (Lay out the cards/let’s see who you are/you make me unravel) repeated several times over.

But to me, what makes the song is the dreamy, breathy voice of the band’s Meesha Black--who, frustratingly enough, is not named in any of the publicity information; if it wasn't for YouTube I wouldn't know her name.  This woman’s voice is just incredible.  While I may be ambivalent about the melody, her I am not.  I would love to hear more of in different settings.  Plus...downright gorgeous.  That’s gotta count for something.

I don’t know if The Hollow Threads are planning to make any more music--or, in fact, they still exist, but I’d love to hear more from this vocalist.

No video, but here's Meesha singing by herself.

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