Sunday, January 6, 2013

This Is Your Song For....January 6th, 2013: Second Golden Age by Meredith Bragg

Contrary to what this picture implies, he seems to like birds.

Hello and welcome to the New Look Segment of Singalong Scriptures for 2013!

And today we have an indie fella out of Washington, D.C.  This is another one of these people I have tried very, very hard to find out stuff about only to be met with a number of broken link, out-of-date tumblrs and the likesuch.  I can tell that this was from an album called Nest, which also features songs about architecture* and birds, and that Mr. Bragg is frequently backed-up by a band called The Terminals.

As for the song itself?  It's got some echoes of dreampop, especially in the echoey vocals Mr. Bragg affects.  It also seems like Mr. Bragg liked Elliot Smith a lot, judging from his vocal phrasing.  The song seems to be one of a number his record label, Kora, claims were inspired by the birth of his daughter.  After all, the 'second golden age' Mr. Bragg is referring to is the trannsformation birth has.  He makes an argument for bringing a new life into the world renewing a sense of wonder in adults who lost said sense in childhood.  He speaks of how we live in 'shadows' as adults, and that new life brings them back to life.

It's good for what it is.  I'll be honest when I say it might not necessarily be for me, but it is well put together and does what it claims to do clearly and freely.

I have to assume Mr. Bragg and his band continues to play, and that he's working on a new record.

Here is a video.  I couldn't find one for this song, so here's the one about birds.

*-and when I read that statement about architecture, I kept thinking how I almost called this blog Dancing About Architecture.

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