Friday, January 11, 2013

This Is Your Song For...January 11th, 2013: Swimming by Mystery of Two

Welcome back!  Today we've got another indie guy--or in this case, a group of guys from Cleveland.  And unlike Meredith Bragg, we can learn stuff about them.  We know they're a three piece outfit, that they record on Exit Stencil Records, and that they fancy themselves an 'experimental rock' outfit.

In the very brief bio that the Exit Stencil site has, the writer cites fellow Cleveland experimental rock outfit Pere Ubu--and Lord I can see why.  Lead vocalist Ryan Weitzel is really trying to channel Dave Thomas at times, and it's that coupled with the melodies that at times sound like the old 'po' rock' bands like Drunken Boat that managed to get signed in the weird Post Nirvana Signing Frenzy of the 90's, other times like the highly underrated Texas band Emmet Swimming and other times like the Boston-area indie supergroup Big Dipper.  It's not an unpleasant sound, to be sure--kinda meandering, but with a definite upswing to it when the band isn't more obsessed with getting all sludge-jangle on us.  My only real problem I have with the outfit as it stands so far is that this song sounds a little too similar to the other songs of theirs I've heard.  I'm almost intrigued to hear what Weitzel's rubbed-raw vocals would sound like on a number with a different texture and tempo.  Hell, I'd love to see what a Mystery of Two slow-jam would be like; it may be a disaster, but it'd be a gloriously interesting one.

Mystery of Two have already racked up a pretty impressive back catalogue at Exit Stencil Records, so you might want to sample some of their wares.

For the second week in a row, I can't find a video for the song discussed, so here's another song that'll give you an idea of whether you'll like them or not.

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