Friday, April 27, 2012

It's The 'Your Greatest Band Eeeeeever' Meme!

I had tried this once before, back when I was posting on a Livejournal called Space Monkey Mafia.  It's been a while now, and I have to think I have a different, more engaged here it is again.  Please participate!

This was inspired by an episode of The BS Report With Bill Simmons, the excellent ESPN podcast where Bill talks sports, reality television, pop culture and all sorts of other cool stuff. If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged...once you're done and have posted your answers, please post the rules below on your blog/FB/whatever and tag whichever friends you'd like to tag...

The Premise

Like George Carlin in the Bill and Ted movies, you've been given a TARDIS-esque time travel device to assemble The Greatest Band Eeeeeever. Put together said band (heretofore referred to as GBE) and save all of reality as their rocking tunes reach people throughout the world via best selling albums, stadium shows and radio play, engendering fellowship, love and galactic peace!

The Rules

1)Your GBE must be composed of one vocalist, one guitarist, one drummer and one bassist. You may also add one additional musician of your choice--either another guitarist, a pianist, a back-up vocalist, a saxophonist...whatever you can think of to push your GBE over the top into amazing stardom.

2) You can choose any musician who was a band member from any point in his or her musical career. You want John Lennon circa The White Album? You've got him. Prince when he was fronting The Revolution? Go for it.

3) However--you can only choose musicians who were in actual bands. No members known primarily as soloists--or else we'll have Jimi Hendrix shuttling between a thousand bands, and the man deserves his rest.

4) Similarly, only real musicians are allowed. No Animal from the Electric Teeth, or Josie from the Pussycats. We're putting together a GBE for the here and now, not Saturday morning cartoons.

5) If you draft a musician for one position, that musician can only be in that slot--so no drafting Paul McCartney as a guitarist thinking he can double as a vocalist. However, if you can make a case for two iterations of a musician taking two slots, it will be allowed. To extrapolate on the original example, if you want Paul from the moptop version of The Beatles as vocalist playing alongside Paul from Wings as guitarist, it will be allowed.

6) No GBE would be complete without both a kicking band name, an equally kicking first single, and a blockbuster first you are expected to provide the name/title for all three...

So get to work! Once I get a few answers, I'll reveal my GBE...

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