Wednesday, April 18, 2012

36 Songs, 36 Days (2012 Edition), Day Ten: Braindead by Zombina and The Skeletons

Well, that bustier sure is...explosive....
Last time we looked back on St. Patrick's Day. This time we're looking ahead--a long way ahead--to Halloween.

There's always been a connection between horror and rock and roll. Yeah, that connection may have started with novelty numbers, but for every 'Monster Mash,' you have Screaming Jay Hawkins putting a spell on you. And once rock began to explore a harsher edge with garage, psychedelia and metal, that connection grew stronger. It's easy to cite a slew of horror-based bands that embrace those darker forms--Alice Cooper, The Cramps, The Misfits, Marilyn Manson...even Kiss on some level take pride in the darkness of their theatricality.

And yet there has also been a parallel stream that embraces its roots in novelty number silliness...which brings us to this Liverpool outfit. Yes, Zombina, Doc Horror and the other members of this combo follow all the tropes of a horror rock band. They dress up in monster make-up and frequently cite science fiction and horror in their lyrics--this song begins with a quote from Night of The Living Dead (I think; don't quote me on that)--and yet this is a very well crafted little bit of power pop. Hell, Zombina herself sounds like Tracy Tracy from The Primitives if Tracy Tracy had been axe murdered, buried, and made to dig her way out of her own grave. And let's be honest, save for that aforementioned quote at the start of the song, what we've got is a song about how love can make you so stupid you can't think straight...this is pure rock syrup, and rock syrup at its best.

And, just like with Adam WarRock, who I discussed a couple of times previously, I have great respect for this band because they don't allow their affiliation with a certain style rule the kind of music they make. I appreciate Zombina and the Skeletons all the more because they're willing to write a simple, fun and classy little love song without worrying about namechecking horror stuff---because if they had, they'd be making the gimmick the only part of the show that mattered.

No official video--but here's the song in You Tube Static Image format...

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