Sunday, July 31, 2011

40 Songs, 40 Days (2011 Edition), Day Twenty Four: Moon Knight by Adam WarRock featuring Tribe-One

And we return again to a member of the geekcore movement I truly enjoy, Adam WarRock, and another song from the West Coast Avengers mixtape I wrote about a while ago.

And just like with that Iron Man song I wrote about last year, this song works because Adam doesn't rely solely on name dropping. Yes, Adam and his guest star Tribe-One (who starts out the track by doing the equivalent of a station ID, telling us what we're listening to before assuring us he'd give us a cupcake and a hug even though he's a villain) do rap about Marc Spectre, making oblique references to Moon Knight's status as a minor hero, but they also make connections between Spectre's status as a mercenary with the tradition of the regulator...which they then use to compare the present materially-obsessed strain of popular rap with their own personal status.

This song only strengthens my own feelings about how Adam uses his geek tendencies as a departure point. Unlike so many other geekcore acts, Adam is unafraid to admit that he's interested in other things than comic books. And while it may not be among my favorite tracks of his, like the utterly amazing 'Top Wobble' (which summarizes Inception in roughly five minutes) or 'Fantomex (Weapon Plus)' or 'I Never Watched An Episode of Doctor Who' (about the 'all or nothing' snobbishness of geek culture), it's still eminently listenable.

Given how Adam has gone on to release mixtapes inspired by other 90's teams like X-Factor and The New Warriors, I'm looking forward to see what else he has up his sleeve. I hear he's about to drop a mixtape based on, of all things, Firefly. I may be the only geek in the world who can't stand that show, but you better bet I'll be downloading it when it drops.

You can learn more about Adam WarRock here, his blog. He frequently posts free music, so what's not to love?

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