Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This Is Your Song For....August 14th, 2013: Smoke by Kacie Williams

She'd like to tell you what she knows about God...
Sorry for the delay.  To make up for it, here’s a pretty folk song about the impermanence of life from a Texan singer/songwriter.

This is from a live performance she gave at the English Teahouse in 2010.  On this recording, Kacie mentions that she was inspired to write this song after reading Ecclesiastes (she also shills for the EP she’s got on sale in the back; you don’t get this sort of thing on live albums from other acts), and that statement says a lot about who she is.  This is a very religious woman who chooses to witness her faith through her art, but doesn’t do it in the chest-thumping way some of these ‘Christian Pop’ acts do.  She makes her case, gives us her view of things, then lets us come to the conclusions we want to.

On the very brief bio she includes on the website for her new project, Neighbour, she mentions that her ‘heart home’ is Nashville.  I can certainly see a country influence in the song, but there’s an even stronger whiff of the sort of female driven neo-folk that was a big deal in the early 90‘s.  You can certainly see Ms. Williams fitting in on a Lilith Fair bill around that time.  But what I do like is that the pseudo-religiosity that drove much of Sarah MacLachlan’s stuff of that period is replaced with genuine piousness, which I think gives it a different texture, a slight ring of the genuine.

Apparently, Kacie Williams is touring with Neighbour (at least as of April of this year), still being true to herself and her DIY aesthetic.

No video for this song, so here's a video of her singing two songs....

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