Saturday, December 22, 2012

Somewhere There Is Music Early Spring

Yes, I took this photo my ownself...but that's Early Spring...

I did something I haven't done in years this weekend.

I went to see some live music.

To be more specific, I took a trip three stops down the L line to the wilds of East Williamsburg and Brooklyn Fireproof East's modest performance space to see Early Spring, a band that includes among its number my friend James Dye and his wife Adalena Kavanagh.

Early Spring (you can stream two tracks at their bandcamp page)is a lo-fi band who specializes in painting these very dense aural landscapes, walls of noise that at times sound like early Television played through blown out speakers, other times like a much mellower Jesus and Mary Chain.  Perhaps the most unique thing about them is the tension between the music itself and the vocals of its lead singer, who actually has a throaty, Leonard Cohen quality to him that turns the songs on their ear.  This is chill out music for the perpetually paranoid; easy going, meandering but set within a clashing sonic soundscape.  I'm not saying it's for everyone, but it is certainly compelling.

Early Spring is gigging in and around the New York area, so if you're interested in lo-fi music with a bit of a bite, watch out for them.

(And if you're in a band in the New York City area and would like me to check you out, let me know; I'll plug you right here on this blog!)

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