Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Music Dream

I've had another music dream I want to share with you. As before, I invite you to interpret the dream in your way, and ask you to share some of yours.

I wake up lying on a floor in a strange barracks-like room. I am told by someone that this is my dorm room, which seems odd considering my dorm room was a small, monk-like room that was barely large enough to contain me. After trying to get some more sleep, I hear some faint playing of music and head out through the window.

Funny, he doesn't look like a blimp...
I move through the streets of Queens County in the direction of the music. I eventually find my way to what appears to be a basketball court. People are gathered around the basketball court sparsely, but what alarms me is that in the middle of the court, performing with a small band, is Kurt Wallinger, who was in The Waterboys and World Party. Wallinger, however, has apparently ballooned up to extraordinary proportions (in this dream reality, he's easily 350 pounds, if not heavier), and he's breathing heavily as he bounces around like the aspiring Bono he used to be and singing some of his more well-known songs. He's wearing a mumu, and looks a horror. The people are all laughing and mocking Wallinger, and I try to move forward to dissuade him to stop....but then I wake up.

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