Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three Dreams About Music (including one with a picture of an adorable puppy)

Like all people whose interest in music borders on obsessive, I have had strange dreams where music plays a part. Here are three on mine; what are yours?

1) I am attending Hunter College. I dream that I am wandering down Third Avenue in midtown Manhattan after school has let out. I am being followed by The License To Ill-era Beastie Boys. They are singing a Beastie-ized cover of the Eurythmics single 'Missionary Man.' It is a very, very good version.

2) It is the mid-90's, when I am making a living as a freelancer. I am invited by a client to go to another city to attend a Barry White concert. When I get to the concert, Barry comes out--but instead of doing his many R&B hits, White proceeds to sing a number of Nirvana's songs. Maybe due to Kurt Cobain's tendency to undersing much of his work, White's voice works surprisingly well in this performance.

3) It is a few years ago. I am in the music store that used to exist in the middle of the Times Square train terminal, right outside where the N and R train entrances are. It should be brought up that said music store closed down some ten years previously during the city's renovation and expansion of said Times Square terminal. I am sorting through the dusty racks of CDs and come across a new Morphine album. It should be brought up that Morphine disbanded some time ago after the death of Mark Sandman. The album improbably has as its cover a drawing of an adorable puppy that looks up at the viewer with luminously large eyes.

(I should point out that dream three prompted me to attempt to put together an album of Morphine cover songs for charity. Given that I have almost no experience putting together albums, it was a miserable failure.)

Share your musical dreams in the comment section. Confession is good for the soul.

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