Saturday, February 25, 2012

36 Songs, 36 Days (2012 Edition), Day Five: Olympian (Kapa Moraski Mix) by She Makes War

This is yet another new development in The History of Marketing Music--a track from an album of remixes. Because, of course, if you wanted the tracks the first time out, you obviously are willing to get them again, remixed by special guest DJs. Of course, if you're giving your music away....

She Makes War is the stage alter-ego of one Laura Kidd. I imagine she's British--the biography on her website is very light on actual, you know, biography--and calls the music she makes 'grungy, dystopian gloom punk.' You wouldn't know by listening to this track, which seems bright and airy, very techno and given an extra lift by Kidd's vocals. Kidd's got one of these voices that would not have seemed out of place in the early 80's dance community, and placing her in the middle of a good beat, some soaring synth and good ambient atmospherics and she seems anything but gloomy no matter what it is she's singing about (from what I can tell--the site does not contain any lyrics--the song is about that old standard, The One That Got Away The Singer Wants Back). This is good, solid techno-pop, which is fine for what it is.

This is another one of the songs in this year's cycle you can have for free. It's part of Disarm Remixed, a remix album that takes her latest album and filters it through several DJ's and producers. If you want to hear these versions, go to bandcamp and download the whole album for free.

Here is the video for the original's a little slower, and a little darker, eschewing the synths in favor of a guitar heavy arrangement and an emphasis on echo-chambery effects on the vocals but a lot of what I found engaging--including her voice--still endures.

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